Dragon Ball Super Rarities

Dragon Ball Super Card Game (DBSCG) features several card rarities that denote their relative scarcity and collectable value. These rarities help distinguish the cards found in booster packs and other products. Here are the common rarities found in Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets:

  1. Common (C): Common cards are the most abundant and can be found in nearly every booster pack. They often include standard character cards and other basic cards used to build a deck.
  2. Uncommon (UC): Uncommon cards are less common than commons and often include character cards with slightly more powerful abilities or other useful cards for gameplay.
  3. Rare (R): Rare cards are less common than uncommon cards, and you can typically find one in every few booster packs. These cards often showcase more powerful characters, iconic scenes, or important moments from the Dragon Ball series.
  4. Super Rare (SR): Super Rare cards feature a holofoil pattern across the entire card surface, making them visually striking. They are more valuable and sought after than regular rares and often include more powerful characters and abilities.
  5. Special Rare (SPR): Special Rare cards are exceptionally rare and highly prized by collectors. They usually feature unique artwork, special foiling effects, and are often associated with significant characters or moments in the Dragon Ball series.
  6. Secret Rare (SCR): Secret Rare cards are among the rarest and most valuable cards in the game. They are highly sought after by players and collectors alike. Secret Rare cards feature unique and stunning artwork, and they are usually associated with extremely powerful characters, iconic scenes, or game-changing abilities.
  7. Signature Rare (SR): Signature Rare cards, introduced in later sets, feature the signature of the illustrator on the card. These cards are relatively rare and highly desirable for collectors.
  8. Iconic Attack (IA): Iconic Attack cards, also introduced in later sets, feature an iconic attack from the Dragon Ball series. They are visually distinctive and hold sentimental value for fans of the show.

It’s important to note that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is an evolving card game, and new sets and rarities may be introduced over time. Different sets may also have unique rarities or variations, and promotional or limited-edition cards might have their own special rarity designations. For the most up-to-date information on card rarities, it’s best to consult official Dragon Ball Super Card Game materials and announcements.

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