Who Are You?

We are just two enthusiasts who want to make something a little bit different than the rest! we personally think that some ‘standard’ grading criteria isn’t suitable, or is missing information needed to properly judge Pokémon cards

We are not going to pretend we are something we arent! – You can find out more in the About Us page

What Can I Grade?

At the moment our main focus is on the Pokémon TCG. While we would like to expand our team to include other franchises, we are not as well versed in those as are we are with Pokémon – Once we train & hire more specialised staff, we will let you know!

What Other Services Do You Offer?

I’m glad you asked! Aside from the Card Grading, you can upgrade your submissions to include a Video Report to outline all the details of your cards grading process

We also have a cheaper Encapsulation Service, in which you can have any card sealed away without grading, perfect for a beaten up childhood card, or for custom art cards like these painted by the fantastic Professor Oni,

Accessories like display stands & slab sleeves will be made available soon, we are trying to source custom binders for certificates, and storage boxes in the future

What is the Process?

We are trying to make this as streamlined as possible! let us know if we need to change anything by contacting us

  • Place your order
  • List the cards you are sending when checking out
  • Safely package your cards
  • Send to {ORDER NUMBER}, Pocket Card Grading, PO Box 638, Ashford, TN23 9DA
  • That’s it! we will sort the rest and notify you when they arrive, and are on their way back

Are My Cards Safe?

Of course, safety and security are our upmost priorities, this is why we use a P.O Box for submissions, we believe keeping a public address online is just inviting curious people to pay a visit.

As should be standard, we also have insurance for all submissions, in the unlikely event of a card being damaged or lost, please contact us so we can resolve this.

All cards are stored in a locked safe, in a locked office that has on site staff 24/7