Who Are PCG?

Welcome! We are Glen and George, two friends and long-time Pokémon enthusiasts,

Since finishing the Detective Pikachu set, George is currently in the process of completing the Master Set for Darkness Ablaze & Rebel Clash, while also collecting as many Nidoking, Mew & Mewtwo cards as he can find

Glen is aiming for larger sets by trying to complete Hidden Fates, Shining Fates, Unbroken Bonds & the newly released Battle Styles, He is also keeping an eye out for any special Lucario cards

Pocket Card Grading started on New Year’s Day 2021, initially we wanted to add some excitement to our local card shops by offering the winner of any tournament, their favourite card encapsulated for life! After a few months of research and sampling different prototypes, we saw our small project evolving into something much more! It was then that we decided to push our limits and offer ourselves to a new standard of UK Grading company

Why Choose Us?

So we all know at this point that grading companies are popping up left, right and centre! So what makes us different? Well, we aren’t going to tell fibs and call ourselves ‘The UK’s Best’ or ‘UK’s Premium’ Grading company! We are two Pokémon collectors who know what we love about the franchise, and know what we & everyone else in the hobby deserve from a grading company

First and foremost is HOW WE GRADE

We aren’t copying the PSA style, 1-10 with no definitive answer or explanation on why your card got graded the way it did, nor are we copying the more recent sub-grade method that includes Surfaces, Corners, Edges & Centring.

We decided that if we want to stand out then we need to grade Pokémon cards our own way

Our Method takes a slightly more mathematical approach – The 4 categories that we inspect are 1.Front 2.Sides & Corners 3.Back 4.Centring

If each subgrade is 25% of the score, then we didn’t want to allocate the complete surface to get half the score that edges and corners get. (You can watch some detailed breakdowns of our grading on our YouTube channel)

We strongly believe that this gives a more even and fair overall grade to the card

Secondly, we believe that security is just as important as the quality of the grading service that we offer. Every slab has a unique serial number, that combined with the QR code on the back will link you directly to the catalogue page associated with it, but how we protect our products from being forged goes way beyond a simple number –  the watermark printed behind the labels text is periodically changed with new waves of serial numbers, and as long as you see our custom hologram, then you can rest assured that it came from us. You can find out more about our slabbing protection measures on the Services page

Lastly, we have so much planned in the pipeline already, and that can only be achieved if you believe in what we do as much as we do! We have coin slabs, Jumbo card slabs and much more that we can’t wait to share with everyone!

Our Promise

As collectors, ultimately we want to make a product and service that we are not only proud of, but that we want to own! In our efforts to prove to everyone that we stand behind our product, we are happy to replace or refund anything that is unsatisfactory.

We believe in transparency, ask a question and we will answer – it’s simple! The reason we have got this far already is because of the amazing feedback and interaction on our social media pages, if people don’t like how we do things then they tell us, and we want you to have an input too