• all cards submitted for grading must be authentic, any fake cards submitted for grading will be returned at the cost of the customer
  • cards will be graded in the condition that they arrive in, ensure that your cards are protected for transit
  • Pocket Card Grading cannot be held responsible for cards that fail to arrive to us for submissions
  • Pocket Card Grading will be documenting/recording submissions to confirm safe arrival, you will be contacted if we believe your package was damaged, it will be the customers responsibility to make any claims to the respective delivery service
  • if any additional cards are included in your submission that were not paid for, the customer will be asked to pay for these additional cards, or they will be returned with the paid for submissions, as they are
  • if the customer fails to list all the submissions they have paid for, it may result in longer return times
  • Pocket Card Grading reserve the right to use photographs of your submissions for social media posts


  • all cards will be stored in lockable storage in the protection they arrive in
  • cards will be graded twice to our grading scale
  • all grading will be carried out in a safe and clean manner
  • Pocket Card Grading reserve the right to make a video report or to use photos for social media, if we believe a card is a good example of a submission
  • all card grades are final, please contact us if you believe there is an error that needs correcting
  • in the event of the customer’s card getting damaged by Pocket Card Grading, the card will either be replaced or refunded the current market value of the raw card in question – chosen by the customer (the damaged card will be kept by Pocket Card Grading)*


  • cards will be returned with the delivery service chosen by the customer at checkout, the cost of delivery includes packaging materials
  • return postage cost is an average for a standard 10-card submission, any cost saved will not be refunded, any cost added will be paid for by Pocket Card Grading
  • we reserve the right to return cards in a smaller parcel than normal if the extra space is not required
  • we are not responsible for any damage caused during delivery
  • we will provide all relevant information to the customer if required for a dispute
  • any issues with the quality or condition of returns must be brought to our attention within 7 days
  • we will always aim to return any sleeves & card protectors whenever possible, however, if the inclusion of these increases the parcel size required, then they will not be returned


  • if a welding join is larger than 25% of the slab then we will replace it
  • if holograms and/or label printing is more than 5 degrees off square then we will replace it
  • label information being off centre will not be replaced
  • if the tension relief (bottom right of the front of slab) reaches the card frame then we will replace it
  • all mass produced plastic is prone to being statically charged, this means some fine plastic shavings may be visible when vibrated (sealed) any debris over the card will be replaced
  • Due to the nature of mass produced plastic, minor imperfections in the material can occur, if any defects obscure or overlap the graded card, we will replace it

*a/o 15/03/23

This does not affect your statutory rights