The Ins and Outs of Pokemon Grading: Preserving the Value of Your Precious Cards


In the world of collectable card games, one thing reigns supreme: rarity. Pokemon Grading is the process of evaluating and assigning a grade to your precious Pokemon cards, ensuring their authenticity, condition, and overall value. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the Pokemon TCG world, understanding the importance of grading can significantly impact the worth and future of your treasured cards.

Why Pokemon Grading Matters

Pokemon cards, especially the rare ones, have become a valuable commodity, with some fetching astronomical prices in the collectables market. The condition of your Pokemon cards plays a crucial role in determining their value, and this is where grading becomes vital. By having your cards professionally graded, you ensure that their condition is accurately assessed, providing potential buyers with confidence and peace of mind in their purchase.

Authenticity and Protection

One of the primary benefits of Pokemon grading is the assurance of authenticity. Unfortunately, counterfeit Pokemon cards have become more prevalent over the years, making it difficult for collectors to differentiate between genuine cards and fakes. A reputable grading service (like us at Pocket Card Grading!) can confirm the Pokemon card’s authenticity, providing you with a graded card encased in a custom tamper-proof slab, offering the ultimate protection against tampering and counterfeiting attempts.

Grading Standards

Grading standards vary across different grading companies, but most follow a similar process. Cards are meticulously inspected for any signs of wear, including edge wear, surface scratches, and centring issues. The corners and edges of the card are closely examined for any signs of damage. Cards are also assessed for any print defects or ink smudges that may affect their overall appearance.

The benefit of grading with Pocket Card Grading is that you will always have free access to a report sheet that outlines the condition and location of imperfections – further protecting you from any counterfeiting, and helping lock in the value of your Pokemon cards

Grading Scale

The grading scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest grade and 10 indicating a flawless card. Most collectors aim for cards graded between 9 and 10, as these are considered pristine and can command top prices in the market. It’s important to note that even Pokemon cards with lower grades can still hold significant value, especially for rare and sought-after Pokemon cards. (Check out our Grading Scale here)

The Impact on Value

The difference in value between a graded and ungraded Pokemon card can be substantial. A card with a high grade will undoubtedly have a higher market value due to its condition and the assurance of its authenticity. Grading can significantly impact the Pokemon card’s resale value, making it a worthwhile investment for serious collectors and traders.

Choosing a Grading Service

When considering grading your Pokemon cards, it’s essential to choose a reputable grading service with a proven track record. We at Pocket Card Grading pride ourselves on our innovating modern grading techniques, combined with our stunning graded card slab, all to make your graded Pokemon card stand the test of time


Pokemon grading is an essential aspect of the collectables market, ensuring the authenticity and condition of your valuable cards. With the potential to increase the market value and protect your cards against counterfeiting, grading has become a crucial step for collectors and traders. By entrusting your precious Pokemon cards to us at Pocket Card Grading, you are not only preserving their value but also securing a piece of cherished nostalgia for generations to come. Happy collecting!

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