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Dragon Ball Super Card Grading


10-19 Grades £10 each, 20+ Grades £9.5 each

Please allow up to 4 weeks for returns

All Languages Accepted

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Grade Your Dragon Ball Super Cards UK

Unfortunately, you cannot achieve a grade of over 9000 – but your Dragon Ball Super card could get our beautiful 10+!

After we receive your grading submission, the cards will be carefully inspected using our 4 unique subgrades

The Front of the card, Sides & Corners, the Back of the card, and the Centring – No other UK grading company uses this scale

The subgrades are online & marked out on your optional metal certificate of authenticity

Pre Grade Your Dragon Ball Super Cards

Make sure that you carefully inspect your cards before submitting them to PCG for grading

We have found that Dragon Ball Super cards with the SPR rarity tend to have fine scratches in the gold foil, this is the main reason for dropping grades

Sides & Corners are typically well cut, something we have grown to expect from Bandai products

Centring is easy enough to see on the back of the card, but the front artwork can make things harder

Pocket Card Grading recommends using the energy cost circle at the top left to make sure it’s evenly spaced – or finding the official image of the card from the Dragon Ball Super database as a reference

(if the centring score is 1 or lower then it can qualify for ‘miscut’ or ‘off centre’ grades, where it is stored in its unique database page & the overall score is not affected)

Getting Your Graded Dragon Ball Super Cards Back

Your graded DBS cards will have the full, unabbreviated text (sometimes taking up two lines!) on the front label, and on the reverse will be a barcode for personal cataloguing & unique QR code

This will take you to the database page that gives you a breakdown of the subgrades, the total population for that card & access to the grading report sheet that we use during the inspection of your card

This will show you any blemishes and imperfections marked out on the sheet (the best part – is it’s free!)

pocket card grading pop report

If you want to send any other cards with your Dragon Ball Super cards for grading, you can find the other TCGs we accept here

We look forward to grading your Dragon Ball Super card collection & we hope you love the end result – please reach out with any feedback, or leave a review on Google

If you already have graded cards that you want us to grade, then you can ‘Cross-Grade’ them at a cheaper rate here

Some of the cards submitted may be shown on our Youtube or Instagram account


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Graded Card, +Sleeved, +Metal Certificate, +Sleeve & Metal Certificate


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