Card Grading – This is our bread and butter! Pocket Card Grading was built with this in mind

With a reinvented grading method that covers far more detail than the traditional ‘1-10’ scores. Your graded card score will be as accurate as possible

All are delivered in our incredibly unique custom acrylic slab (we don’t use copy/paste Chinese PSA slabs) We’ve done our homework – these slabs underwent hundreds of minuet alterations, ensuring that they are the best way to protect your cards forever

Every card is added to our online database, which gives you access to the specific details of the card & a free report sheet, that outlines all the imperfections found

We currently accept a wide range of TCGs for grading, such as Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece & many more! we are always looking for new exciting sets to add to our collections – however, new sets will take time to add if we aren’t familiar with them (be aware of companies who accept every TCG without any prior experience – odds are that you know more about the cards than they do!)

Please feel free to reach out and make a suggestion for what cards you would like to see added

This is where your card grading journey begins!

grading processWhen submitting cards to us, please make sure it is addressed as follows;

  • Pocket Card Grading
  • PO Box 638
  • Ashford
  • TN23 9DA
Submissions Are Temporarily Closed - Please Check Back Next Week