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Pokemon Grading in the UK

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Welcome to Pocket Card Grading, your premier choice for UK Pokémon grading services. Since 2021, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch card grading services with a focus on Pokémon cards. Our team of experts ensures that every card is graded with precision, transparency, and care. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting your Pokémon card collection, Pocket Card Grading is here to enhance the value and security of your prized Pokemon cards.

Why Choose Pocket Card Grading for Pokemon Card Grading?

  • 1. Unique, Custom-Made Acrylic Slabs

    At Pocket Card Grading, we understand the importance of preserving the condition and value of your Pokémon cards. Our unique, custom-made acrylic slabs are designed to provide superior protection and display for your cards than any other off-the-shelf alternative. These slabs are not only durable but also crystal clear, allowing you to showcase your collection with pride without risk of UV damage.

  • 2. Sleeveless Slabs for Extra Protection

    Our sleeveless slabs offer an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your Pokemon cards remain in pristine condition. Unlike traditional graded card holders, our sleeveless slabs eliminate the risk of card movement or damage over time. This innovation sets us apart from other UK grading services and guarantees that your cards are secure.

  • 3. Detailed Database and Free Report Sheets

    Transparency is a cornerstone of our grading process. Each graded Pokemon card is recorded in our detailed database, providing you with easy access to all the information you need. Additionally, we offer free report sheets with every graded card. These reports include comprehensive details about the card’s condition, grade, and any notable features. This added value ensures you have all the information at your fingertips. We still remain the only UK grading company to offer free report sheets.



Our Grading Process

Step 1: Submission

Submitting your Pokémon cards for grading is simple. Fill out our online submission form and securely package your cards. We offer detailed instructions to ensure your cards arrive safely.

Step 2: Grading

Our expert graders carefully examine each Pokemon card, assessing its condition based on centring, front, back, sides & corners. We use a rigorous grading scale to provide accurate and consistent results.

Step 3: Encapsulation

Once graded, your Pokemon cards are encapsulated in our custom acrylic slabs. Each graded slab is tamper-evident and features a unique serial number linked to our UK database.

Step 4: Report Generation

We generate a detailed report sheet for each Pokemon card, outlining its grade and condition. These reports are accessible online for your convenience, at no cost – just scan the QR code on the back of the graded slab!

Step 5: Return Shipping

Your graded Pokemon cards, are securely packaged and shipped back to you. We offer various UK shipping options to suit your needs.



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Discover why UK collectors trust Pocket Card Grading for their Pokémon grading needs. Submit your cards today and elevate your Pokemon collection with our expert UK grading services.

Sarah T.,

Pocket Card Grading exceeded my expectations. The quality of the slabs is unmatched, and the explanation in the reports gives me confidence in the grades my pokemon cards received.

Michael B.,

I’ve tried several UK grading services so far, but Pocket Card Grading really stands out. Some grading companies offer parts that PCG do, but none can deliver the whole package like these guys! game-changer for grading my Pokemon cards.

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Pokemon Card Grading


10-19 Grades £10 each, 20+ Grades £9.5 each

Please allow up to 4 weeks for returns

All Languages Accepted

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Grade Your Pokemon Cards

After we receive your grading submission, the cards will be carefully inspected using our 4 unique subgrades

The Front of the card, Sides & Corners, the Back of the card, and the Centring – No other UK grading company uses this scale

The subgrades are online & marked out on your optional metal certificate of authenticity

How to Pre-Grade Your Pokemon Cards

Be sure to give your Pokemon cards a good look over before submitting them for grading

Holo backgrounds can have fine scratches on them, these need a lot of light to see. Textured cards can be harder to spot issues, we recommend using a handheld UV light, this will outline the texture perfectly so that you can spot any texture pools or misprinted texture

Are the corners cut clean? all these will factor in the graded score for your Pokemon cards

The Centring is clear to see on Pokemon cards thanks to the borders on the card

(if the centring score is 1 or lower then it can qualify for ‘miscut’ or ‘off centre’ grades, where it is stored in its unique database page & the overall score is not affected)

Getting Your Graded Pokemon Cards Back

Your graded Pokemon cards will have unabbreviated text (& the correct é!) on the label, and on the reverse will be a barcode for personal cataloguing & unique QR code

This will take you to the database page that gives you a breakdown of the subgrades, the total population for that card & access to the grading report sheet that we use during the inspection of your card

This will show you any blemishes and imperfections marked out on the sheet (the best part – is it’s free!)









If you want to send any other cards with your Pokemon cards for grading, you can find the other TCGs we accept here

We look forward to grading your Pokemon card collection & we hope you love the end result – please reach out with any feedback, or leave a review on Google

If you already have graded cards that you want us to grade, then you can ‘Cross-Grade’ them at a cheaper rate here

Some of the cards submitted may be shown on our Youtube or Instagram account

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Graded Card, +Sleeved, +Metal Certificate, +Sleeve & Metal Certificate


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